Receiver of Taxes
Contact TypeContact Information
, Receiver of Taxes
, Deputy Receiver of Taxes
335 Route 202,   
Somers ,NY 10589 
Monday - Friday, 9:00am to 4:30pm
The Tax Office prints all the tax bills and collects the payments for both the Town and schools. They also provide accurate information regarding these taxes to residents, banks, etc.

Schedule of Tax Payments

School Taxes
Mailed by September 1
First half due by September 30
Second half due by January 31
No bill is sent out for second half

Town / County Taxes
Mailed by April 1
Due in full by April 30

Any tax payments post marked or brought into the office after these dates are subject to penalties. Please remember that these penalties are set by the Westchester County Laws and not the Tax Receiver, who cannot waive these penalties for any reason.

Please mail payments to Receiver of Taxes, Town of Somers, 335 Route 202, Somers NY 10589.