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Archeological Resources Advisory Committee
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Town of Somers
335 Route 202
Somers, NY 10589
The Somers Archaeological Resources Advisory Committee (SARAC) was formed to advise the Town Board and other Somers official boards and agencies concerning the probable location, extent and type of archaeological resources existing in the Town of Somers, including recommendations for identifying and preserving them.

A primary charge of the Committee is to prepare the criteria to be used by approval authorities and other town boards and authorities in assessing archaeological resource impact in subdivision applications, site plans, draft environmental impact statements and other land use plans and applications coming before the Town of Somers, from the point of view of identifying, documenting, evaluating and preserving any significant archaeological resources.

Another primary charge of the Committee is to develop an archaeological resources map of the Town of Somers which is to be used by all appropriate approval authorities involved in land use decisions.

The Committee consists of no more than seven (7) members, at least one (1) of whom shall be a professional archaeologist or an amateur archaeologist having at least fifteen (15) years of field experience or commitment to the field of identifying and preserving the artifacts of our prehistory. Members shall serve for two (2) years, except initially four (4) members shall be appointed for two-year terms and three (3) members shall be appointed for one-year terms.

The Committee shall draft and adopt its own bylaws and procedures, which bylaws and procedures shall be subject to approval by the Town Board before adoption by the Committee, and, further, the Committee shall draft and adopt the structure and content of an archaeological resource impact assessment and report.

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